Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Syracuse
Blessings abound and Love surrounds…

Holding the light for our Brother…


AboveTop: Leaving Chicago, Top, our driver, Gary – God sends a boat:) Lower Left – Apt. Building in Evanston, ill,  Lower Right , A moving experience for  James Francis.

Ann Arbor, Cleveland, Syracuse

Feb 5th

We’re leaving Chicago this morning. The guy that volunteered to drive us the rest of the way to NY from here (Gary Masters) is picking us up in about an hour. . It feels like the journey part of the trip is just about over even though we have six more musicals before New York. Now that we have this guaranteed ride with Gary and we know how we’re getting to each destination, we don’t know where we’ll be staying so the dynamics of having three people with us should be interesting to see how that plays out. James said that we do know where we’re staying for the rest of the trip except for Connecticut so it sounds like it’s fixed. Yay!. I’m very Happy we’re not walking or hitchhiking in the cold and very excited to be home for a few days and see my wife next week.

Leaving Chicago was almost the final phase of walking down memory lane with James as we stopped by the apartment where someone ended his wife’s life in Evanston and this was a very moving experience for James and also it looked to be a healing time for him.

We shot some more video when we got to the apartment building where Linda lived even right in front of the door to the apartment.

For me as I’ve videoed the contemplation that James is having and put on film I felt a pull to envelop the apartment building the experience that was being described by James and the event we were being drawn to participate in by description just to bring it into holiness and the peace of God. To hold the space of presence I am, this felt like it was mine to do.

From here we spend the next three hours driving to Ann Arbor stopping on the way to Starbucks and picking up lunch for the trip thank you Fr. Larry for the Starbucks card. 🙂

Arriving in Ann Arbor at Erik and Jacqueline‘s house we are provided beds to sleep on downstairs in the basement where Gary and I would sleep and James is giving a mattress on the floor in the living room later on in the night where he will sleep.

We had a wonderful dinner with Erik and his family wife and two kids having conversation into the night going to bed about 11:30 PM tonight.

Feb 6th

Waking up a little bit late this morning about 720 and having a quiet time in the basement with a cuppa coffee before everyone woke up and then having breakfast with Erik and Gary upstairs in the kitchen family getting ready to go to school and finally James woke up and had his call with Namaste Chapala.

Will leave here at 11:30 this morning and go to a homeless center and then the spiritual center for a sound check. I have a living in purpose conference call with Lisa today at 3 PM and the event tonight is at 7 PM at the Center for spiritual living here in Ann Arbor.

The Delonis Center was really great! About 75 beings having lunch including the 4 of us. Generous portions of good food. James played several songs 1st, then a 30 minute concert at 1:30. I had about $80 in $5s left over from donations in KS and Peoria that I passed out on the way out.

We got some good video.

Left here to go to The Spiritual Center for LiP call and tonight’s show.

Tonight’s show had about 30 people. Saw some friends who are part of TGF. It was nice to meet Lori Coburn who I’ve know for 12+ years.

Another great event. $80 in donations. We gave to Erik and Jaquelyn our hosts. Thank you

Feb 7th

This morning up about 7:45 haha. It’s so quiet and dark in the basement until I hear the first foot traffic above.

TGF TV is on at 10:30 breakfast and then off to Cleveland.

Easy drive to Cleveland.

Found hosts house around 2:00 PM.

They weren’t home yet. Anna got home about 3 and showed us to 3 rooms. Nice house.

James and I worked on computer until dinner. Kevin came home and she made all of us a nice dinner. Stayed up a little while then went to bed a little after 10. This is such a comfortable spot we decided to stay two days. Tomorrow – Sat. free day.

Feb 8th

A little bit snowy day.

Anna made a nice breakfast and then we all went to our rooms. I had Sat get together call in Evolve. James was invited out to lunch and we stayed inside watching the deee in the yard and the snow.

There’s a party today at 5:30 at Kevin and Anna’s friends. Ted and Terri. We were called by a PR person about 3:30 that the local news, Fox channel 8 wants to interview James and video him giving money to the homeless so we met the camera guy at the homeless shelter and videoed that then went directly to the 5:30 party.

Stayed here till 8:30 and said good-bye. This was really a great friends community.

Went back to Kevin and Anna’s. Stayed up till 11:00 to see the news. Nothing on about the news interview. Leaving at 7:00 AM.

Feb 9th

Got up at 6:15 Anna was already making coffee and breakfast. We’re all ready to go by 7:00. Out the door, headed for Auburn/Syracuse, NY.

Received a text from Lisa asking me if I could be dropped off outside Boston so she doesn’t need to drive through. I’m a little pissed off that she doesn’t want to meet me. –  (Feeling and noticing the desire for specialness.)


Above: Ann Arbor, Delonis Center.

Eating lunch with beings on the road while James gives a free concert. Bottom left our host Erik.


Drove 5 hours to Auburn thru all the farm land and rural areas of upstate NY before pulling up to The Carriage House Theater. A cute red trimmed grey/blue building that looked a bit like an old firehouse. TOP  with a nearby Church below left and Musical in tThe Theater below right., above.
We were met by this red head long bearded guy (Zac) and then Sheila, two of the organizers for the show and our hosts for the next two days.

They had lunch for us and the show starts in 1 1/2 hours at 3:00 PM. I fly the drone and James takes a walk.

We shot some video before the show  at a nearby Church  above and then went to the show. A sold out crowd of 100+ people loved the Musical and left in glowing appreciation of the felt experience through the musical. It the same every show. It kindles joy and people leave remembering and feeling their own holiness.

Went to dinner after with Zac, Sheila, Bill, Lisa,  the girl running sound at the theater and the 3 of us and then drove about 45 minutes to our host house near Syracuse N Y where we might be able to watch the Oscars before going to bed.

Feb 10th 
A snow day. Sleep late today and most of us stay in our pajamas till after 2:00 PM:)

A little interaction with Lisa because she didn’t wanna drive to Boston to pick me up. I was a little upset before resting in awareness for awhile and watching the solution unfold. Not usually easy to see the solution when my own agenda or ideas about how I want things is staring in my face – LOL Specialness wants to show itself. Gotta watch that and don’t join it. It will make up all kinds of storys.

We have a Peace event to go to at 6:00 PM at Subcat Studio where it will be recorded live on Facebook. Sheila, James and 4 others will take part sharing a call and recognition of Peace around the Indian Nations and the U.S. where generations later The U.S. and Indians share a common goal for Peace. There was an incident during the broadcast where 83 year old Dale seemed to go unconscious. I got up from where I was and joined his wife Nancy to peel his jacket off and lay hands on Dale watching color come back to his face while The show continued and Zac is calling 911 rescue. Lay Dale down on his back in the hallway waiting for paramedics and finish the broadcast.

Went for a few drinks, some had wine others sparkly water:) at a tavern next door and then back to Sheila and Zac’s.

Feb 11th

We are leaving for Cleveland this morning. Have a little breakfast and out the door at 9:30. We have a 5 hour drive to Philadelphia. Arriving in Philadelphia at the Franciscan Spiritual Center we are met by two Nuns Sister Christa and Angela who will be our guides while we are here. We get a tour and then settle in before dinner. After dinner we go to the lounge and then off to bed. I stayed up and watched a movie. The Irishman. Then to bed.


Our Hosts in Cleveland Kevin and Anna with friends from Westlake Unity outside Cleveland, above and lower left.

What a sign for the musical and we get to meetup with Lori Coburn while in Ann Arbor below right, above.

Feb 12th 

Convent life is like the Franciscan life. Very sheltered and taken care of. Meals are in the dining room in the basement but today and tomorrow our hosts Sisters Christa and Angela (Two awesome Nuns in their mid 80’s) took us out to breakfast at Town and Country cafe down the road.

We came back and recorded an interview with James and the Nuns.

I shot some drone shots and then we all did our own thing until we met again for lunch. After lunch we went across the street where hundreds of aging Nuns are being cared for.

James shared some songs from the musical with them. It was a lovely time for all of us and these dear ladies were happy to have the company and to hear James Beautiful voice and songs.

Another sold out crowd tonight as several hundred gather in the main chapel to see the musical.

Gary and Bill shoot Video tonight .

I met Ingrid from the healing cure and Betsy who is in the 40 day program, they both send their love to Lisa and we sold a bunch of books and this is another great night.

Almost Home:-) One more day to see Vicki in Quincy and head up to Eliot Maine to spend a few nights with my sweetheart <3

Love you all