Happy Valentine’s Day

Blessings abound and Love surrounds…


Below Top: Unity on The River, Bottom Left: Unity Bottom right: The generosity of you:)


Amesbury – Hartford – New York City

Feb 13th

Leaving Philadelphia stop and have breakfast and drive to NYC deciding in New York City that we would be  more comfortable if we gave Gary a break driving.He loved this idea too! I drove  to Vicki’s House in Boston.

Arrived at Viki’s  around 3:15, greeted by Noreen and Vick. So great!, vegetable platters and celebration for making it to Boston. I flew my drone for some video top above before heading to South Station with Noreen for a bus ride home to see my babe.

Lisa picks me up at seven and we go home for dinner and a beautiful evening 🙂 Wooohooo!

Feb 14th – Happy Valentines day <3

So nice to wake up in my bed with Lisa this morning. A nice quiet morning and breakfast with together then lunch before an afternoon meeting with the Teachers of God Foundation Staff on Zoom.

Indian food with Lisa tonight and a movie at home.  Hildegarde of Bingen – A Really Great! movie.

Feb 15th – Saturday

A relaxing day at home. Reading, talk to kids. Laundry. Out to lunch with Lisa at Lexi’s in Portsmouth and staff calls with Susan, Cyndi, Trice.

Feb 16th – 

Go to Unity for show 17. It seems like it came so fast. Repack backpack. I added my winter jacket for NY. Unity on the River show was really great! The place was full. Everyone loved it. Sold 80% of the books. Saw lots of old friends and many donated money to the cause, Thank you all. So much love and appreciation.

Left there with Lisa to meet Becky, Bonnie, Jimmy, Ronda, Vicki, Gary, Juan and Girard for lunch at the Farm in Kingston, NH.

I left with Gary and headed to Vick’s House. Pack Vick’s Van with winter clothing soup, and doggy treats and food for the homeless in NY.

Sitting around Vick’s house and talking until close to 10. Go to Bed.


Hosts house Robbin and Ori
And Unity Hartford: Hartford Connecticut

Feb 17th

Breakfast at Vicki’s. Namaste call with Mexico and off to Hartford Connecticut for the last show of the tour. Unity of Hartford. Vicki made sandwiches for the trip. Arriving about 2:00 PM.  We visited with Robin and her Son for a bit, I flew the drone and shot a video with James. We all had dinner and headed off to Unity of Hartford for our final show. We had a nice crowd of 75-80 people and the last musical for the tour is over. Sold almost all the books and cd’s left over from Philadelphia and Amesbury and we’re done:) Another great! Experience was felt by attendees and us. We are grateful.
Back to Robin and Ori’s and off to NY in the morning.

I’m making up stuff in my head about what it will be like living in a shelter for 10 days:) Stay tuned.

Feb 18th 

Driving to NYC in the rain. Arriving about 2:00 to the Catholic worker. We were met by Trevor who showed us a bunk room. The place smells and Trevor says they have bed bugs. I’m pretty weirded out by this and thinking about bailing on James. Thinking maybe I sleep on the floor when Lisa and Vicki come on Friday. Then I thought if I can find a camping place with an insect cocoon I could do that and stay if they can let lisa pay over the phone. I found an REI but they wouldn’t let lisa pay. Gary was with me and put it on his credit card with his cocoon .

I can pay him back. Sleeping in the cocoon is peace of mind and I can get used to the smell. James says it’s the Catholic worker smell. They all smell. We keep our clothes in plastic bags to keep the bugs out. I have a lot of (I don’t like this about this place). I’m sleeping pretty good and very happy to be sleeping in my green cocoon. Feels like I’m sleeping in a nice sheet. Very comfortable.

We went to mass at the other Catholic worker  St. Joseph, 2 streets over then we went out on the street for two hours bringing coffee to homeless people on the street and all around the subway platforms where they are staying warm and trying to sleep on the benches. They say the cops come by about every 2 hours to hassle them and they can’t get any sleep. One of the Best! experiences of this journey was looking at the smile and gratitude of bringing hot coffee to people huddled on the street trying to staying warm.

Feb 19th 

Walk about 2 miles to the Church where the Musical is and back to meet up with James. Shoot some video for the documentary, lunch. Walk the streets looking to invite homeless people to the event. Go back to the Church with James and Gary and then back to Mary House

Feb 20th

I’m waking up early, getting dressed and going for coffee downstairs in Mary House kitchen. I really don’t like hanging out in the room where I think bed bugs might be living. Updating my blog posts and then meeting Vicki at the Church about 12 and looking to hook up with Jai who just came in from Sweden and Ronda who just came in from NH. Set the Church up for tonights event with tables and gifts, sound check, set up chairs and out on the streets to invite homeless people to tonights event.

Event starts at 6:00 with soup and the show starts at 6:30. Not a big turn out. Maybe 22 mostly grateful homeless people. More interested in coming in out of the cold and having warm soup. The Musical was great! And the homeless people mostly wanted to sleep and be warm. We handed out lots of clothing, blankets, hats and gloves. They were fed and clothed and very grateful and So were we. After leaving the event, Vicki dropped us off and James and I went out to a bar around the corner from Mary House and I don’t drink so enjoyed sparkly water while debriefing with James and meeting the owner (Kyle) of the bar who invited to buy our dinner tomorrow night after the performance on Friday.  We were talking about the whole tour and how successful it was. How many different experiences and great! people we met. What a joy it all was and recognizing that the journey was the highlight that gave meaning to the destination. So cool.


Top: Mary House Homeless Shelter
Bottom left giving coffee to people on the street. Bottom right: getting in my no bug bag:)

Feb 21st Friday

Lisa shows up today about 3:30 and I got a message from Vicki that she has decided to stay at her son,  daughter in-law and grandson at night, freeing up Lisa’s room so we can stay together as we planned before Vick was staying with her. YES! I’m ready to move out of the Mary House. This changes everything. I’m done I just don’t like the idea of the bugs living in the shelter. I’ll go to the hotel and check in before Lisa gets there, she’s on the bus.

It’s good to have money again, showered and feeling like my normal self. Yay! I loved the journey experience and even happy I lived in the shelter for 3 days but that’s not my vibe. Lisa and I head over to the Church to meet everyone, stopping at the bank to get some $ and inviting people on the street to come to the show tonight.

A very low turnout tonight, maybe 20 people and the homeless guys are falling asleep. James abbreviated the musical to a few songs and we went out for coffee and drinks add a special Starbucks call Starbucks reserve with Me, James, Jai, Lisa, Ronda, and Gary. Lisa and I and Rhonda then went to The bakery for cupcakes and then Shared an Uber back to the hotel.

I decided I’m not going back to the Mary house Catholic worker and i’m going to get a hotel for myself when Lisa leaves on Monday. I’ll let James know when I meet him at the church before the performance tonight. When I mentioned this to James he called me to the side and said, Bill why don’t you just go back Home with Lisa on Monday. I don’t know if I’m going to continue the second week musical.

So great sleeping in a hotel tonight 🙂

Church of The Village

Lisa’s old Bookstore and coffee shop

Feb 22nd

Went for breakfast this morning with Lisa over at the hotel she stayed last time she was in New York and then we headed over to CRS for 12 to 4 gathering with our Course friends around the New York area. Jennifer Hadley, Corinne Zupko, Emily Benington, Jon Mundy, Jai, David Fishman, Laurie Sagalyn, Rieko and Chris Pelman and then to a great lunch gathering for Saigon Vietnamese before the event.

Tonight‘s event was a completely different experience than we’ve had so far. About 60 people and quite a few homeless. Lots of Course friends and others that traveled from around the US and Europe to come to tonight‘s performance. After a great performance by James

We said goodbye to all our traveling friends and Vicki dropped us at our hotel for the night.

Feb 23rd

Wake up and go for continental breakfast downstairs before walking

Down memory lane with lisa this morning and taking video clips for a short documentary.  I am so grateful to be sleeping in this hotel with Lisa.

Tonight will be the last performance of the one-man musical and the end of the off-Broadway musical as James is canceling next week and going back to Mexico tonight. We will leave on Monday.

We had lunch with Laurie Sagalyn at ABC. it might be the best breakfast I have ever had, wow!

Great food and we had a really good time Laurie.

We shot a few more videos at Barnes & Noble and Lisa’s old neighborhood and apt. She headed back to the hotel and I went to meet James at the church for a final dBrief and shooting a couple videos.

Tonight was attended by 32 people and it felt like it was perfect for the last show. We gave away a lot of hats. socks, gloves etc. and left the leftover items with the church and the local Catholic worker to hand out to the homeless after we leave.

Vicki dropped us at the hotel and we said goodbye.

We leave tomorrow on the 12:45 bus to New Hampshire.

End of the Tour


Top: CRS Gathering  Left: Debra,Lisa, James, Vicki, Bill –
Right: Bill and James

Words cannot  express the meaning and the many adventures we experienced during this tour, I can only say that I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it and I have dozens of new friends across the United States that I will never forget.

If you are following me and I didn’t say thank you please know how grateful I am to have met you and the generous care you gave to all of us as our hosts, support on Facebook, the many hundreds and hundreds of gifts that were sent to Viki’s house in Quincy Massachusetts. The emails that came in encouraging us, the money you sent to my PayPal account which paid for trains coffee and just when we needed it the right amount of money to take us to our next destination.

We had everything we wanted or needed, never needed to sleep on cardboard or even hitchhike and the generosity of all of you showed up in every way we could possibly imagine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We are richly Blessed and so are you.

Love Bill