Bill Free joins with James Francis Twyman On  His

Cross Country Pilgrimage as we travel together to

NYC for His Celebrated One Man Musical

St. Francis on Broadway

For more information Click Here: St. Francis Musical

In February, 2020, James Francis Twyman  will present his one-man musical based on the life of St. Francis on the off-Broadway stage in NYC. To get there James and I will travel across the US penniless, from Portland Oregon to New York City.

I am so excited to be on this journey with my friend James Francis. This will be a journey of devotion and obedience to The Christ mind and Love’s Presence that is our natural state of Being as created by God/Universe.

Bill will also be practicing a modern day (metaphysical) version of the vows that St. Francis followed and established in the rules of the Apostolic life of his followers. 
Poverty in the form of having no attachments to the Body mind, world and sense projections or beliefs. Staying Present in the Abundance of all that God is in every moment and knowing we are always taken care of by Divine Love.
We travel knowing that the Universe conspires to support every request even before it is asked.
Chastity in devotion to Christ Mind. A living state of Aware Presence. Bill lives his life knowing God’s Son (Pure Being) is Pure and innocent and never left it’s identity in Oneness with God.
Obedience in this world to Bill means pausing as a default allowing the conditioned mind of Bill the person to step back and the Christ mind step forward and lead Bill the person in where to go, what to say to whom in all his coming and going.

I will be James’s camera man, drone pilot, and daily support to share this radical and transformational message of St. Francis. We will travel across the country for seven weeks. Along the way, James Francis will provide the living demonstration, character and musicals of St Francis  in ten cities (see map below) feel free to show up and join us in your area at one of the events listed below .

We will end this seven week journey in New York City where James will be performing an off Broadway musical in Manhattan.

We have no real plan of how we’ll get from city to city, except we will be relying completely on the generosity of others.

We will be hitchhiking, walking, and relying on others for food and places to sleep.


Join Us as a Volunteer

1. We need volunteers for a variety of tasks, eg. assisting tour details, helping in New York
or feeding the poor.

2. Would you like to join James onstage in New York? If you’re willing to purchase or make a
monk or nun habit, you can be in the show.

3. Would you like to walk with us and hundreds of others into New York for the
off-Broadway show? Find out how.

4. Help spread the word: If you know anyone in New York or the other cities James will visit,
please let them know so they can  join.

5. Take part in our fund raising campaign to help with the enormous costs associated
with such an event.

If you want to help as a volunteer in any of the ways listed above , please reach out by sending an email to: Tell us a little about yourself and how you would like to serve.

Schedule and Map

Portland – Franciscan Spiritual Center
January 4th, 2PM – 2512 SE Monroe St – Milwaukie, Or.  503-794-8542
Santa Barbara, Mission Church
January 11, 7PM – 2201 Laguna St, Santa Barbara, CA  805-682-4151
Phoenix, Unity in Phoenix
January 19, 7PM, 1500 E Greenway Pkwy, Phoenix, AZ  602-978-3200
Sedona, Mary D. Fisher Theater
January 20-22, 7PM, 2030 AZ-89A suite a-3, Sedona, AZ  928-282-1177
Santa Fe Center for Spiritual Living
January 26, 2PM, 505 Camino de los Marquez, Santa Fe, NM  505-983-5022
Kansas City- Unity Village 
January 28, 7PM, 1901 NE Blue Parkway, Unity Village MO (816) 251-3590 
St. Louis – ACIM
January 31 and February 1,
Chicago – Cityside Spiritual Community
February 2, 1821 W. Hubbard ST, Suite #307,
Cleveland – Unity Spiritual Center Westlake
February 7, 7PM, 23855 Detroit Road, Westlake, OH  440-835-0400
Philadelphia – Franciscan Spiritual Center
February 12, 7PM, 609 S. Convent Road, Aston, PA  (610) 558-6152
Unity on The River 
February 16th 58 Macy St. Amesbury, Mass.

New York- Church in the Village
February 20-23, February 27-29, March 1, 201 W 13th St, New York, NY, 212-243-5470


Social Media/Follow Along With Us

We will be posting our progress on social media. If you are on the path of our journey, and would like to walk with us a bit, or you are called to volunteer, or open your home for rest along the way we will be most grateful to join with you in celebration, joy and quiet presence as we embrace and embody these two forms of the transformational St. Francis message in our time.