Update from Phoenix

Keeping it real

On the journey with St. Francis

Last day in Santa Barbara, this is the world Peace Prayer Meditation call on TGF TV. There were 1400 registered to attend and 300 + showed up.

Bill opened for about 10 minutes. James took it for the rest of the meeting with Instrument of Peace and talking about Iran/US thing. Father Larry came on and Blessed everyone, He was a real bonus!.

James played a couple songs and then we had 10 minutes of sharing The Silence.

Went to lunch with Father  Larry at the vegetarian place we went with Huma and Noel when we first got here.. Then to the train station and Fr Larry bought tickets for us to go from Santa Fe to Kansas City, MO. Yay! – that’s a18 hour train ride through the desert.

We went back to the Mission and I packed. James slept. Haha.

Huma (Sara) picked us up at 4:00. We filmed a little and left with Huma for one last Starbucks then left for the train station to get James and Huma walking into the station with James from the drone.

I had secretly upgraded to a sleeper roomette and James took the top bunk, me the bottom. Nice all night ride into Maricopa at 6:30 A.M


We both had a good night sleep. 

January 16th:

Woke James at 6:00 AM as were coming into Maricopa. Had a quick breakfast from the conductor Paul.

That was a surprise interaction with Paul funny shot a quick little video with him.

Got off the train met with Roslyn who took us downtown Phoenix for a quick breakfast at the bakery café right down the street from Saint Mary’s Bascilica where we are staying until Sunday. What a Building. We are in the small building on the left with the Fryors.

This morning I flew my drone above all the buildings, got some nice aerial footage of Saint Mary’s and Downtown Phoenix. Started having some tooth pain in a tooth I put a crown on that was bothering me before I left home in December. It felt like maybe a root canal was necessary so I was looking for a endodontist.

I set an emergency appointment but had to cancel so I could film the channel 5 interview for James.

Shot some video with James went to prayer at 5 o’clock which seemed very unnatural. Ritual like. The reading of your prayers and I don’t know just really a bunch of religious nothing if you ask me. Haha.

Saturday in the boys lounge with a bunch of fryors for wine, chips and dip before dinner, then great tamales and bean soup dinner with cake in the dining area talking with the priests Fryors about world religious politics and regular politics and the division in the the church over big political issues like abortion and gays etc. and it was a pretty interesting insight into the challenges pastors face with congregants  politics and hot social issues. I wouldn’t want this job.

Went to my room around seven fell asleep a couple times before staying up and watching season seven of the Vikings and then going to bed.

January 17th

Roslyn picks us up at 7:30 AM to go to channel 5 for the 9 o’clock morning show interview. This was a great! experience at a major TV station. Green room, cooking show  make up artist, James Francis, Cameras just a real professional morning news station it was awesome!.

I got some good drone footage on the outside of the building and then Roslyn took us to breakfast at the Mat‘s big breakfast place.  this place was totally packed first time in a long time I waited 20 minutes to be seated for breakfast but it was great.

My tooth started hurting again so I began looking for an endodontist either for Phoenix or what might be available in Sedona on Monday. James walked back to Saint Mary’s and Roslyn stayed to help me find a endodontist.

We picked up Roslyn‘s friend Patti and Patti had an idea for a walk in clinic so we went to the walk-in clinic and they gave me a referral to Arcadia endodontics for an emergency root canal.

I was able to get a root canal. Lisa sent me the information for my credit card and 2 1/2 hours later and $1800 my tooth problem is gone :-). Expensive OMG!

I was sitting in the chair thinking what do homeless people do I mean really with no money. We’re traveling as if we have no money but in this emergency situation I I had to break my character and spend the money.

I asked a dental assistant what the homeless people do, she said they pull the tooth. Then later talking to someone I was told there’s a service here in Phoenix  like once a month where up to 2000 people stand in line waiting for dental services and there’s an organization that post he feels he then helps about 1000 in one day with dental hygiene for the homeless here in Phoenix.

Leaving the dentist with my mouth drooping like I had a stroke Roslyn dropped me off at St. Mary’s to meet up with James. We made provisions in the kitchen here with the Fryors for leftover tamales and beans soup.

Blessings to you all from Phoenix.

I will be planning to be live for TGF TV next week Jan 27th to answer questions after the pre-recorded show with my friend and Co-host Jenny Beal I will see if she can join me. This will be very tight as we’re catching a train, bus or ride to Santa Fe.

Love Bill