Above Temple in Taos feels as sacred as it looks. This is where Ram Das sent the Sculpure Hanuman and then dedicated this temple before he left the body.


Onto Taos and Santa Fe

Up at 5:45. Leave at 9 to meet our ride, Mike toTaos at the center for Action and Contemplation.

Went to Richard Rohr Center, flew the drone for video. Said  goodbye to our host Dave Mike from Richard Rohr’s org drove us up to Taos. Stopped by the Catholic Worker met Peter who runs it and he gave us a tour. Shot a little video and then headed to Taos.

On the way to Taos we stopped at  Chimayo look at a few things. Flew the drone, shot a video contemplation by James and then left to meet author Mirabai Starr.

We met Mirabai and her husband Gungadas. Took a quick ride to the temple. Neem Karoli Baba Ashram & Hanuman temple above. It was really amazing!

This temple was extraordinary and I shot some really good video drone before going inside and finding this beautiful Buddhist Temple. The energy and incense it looked like something you would find at Sahaja with Mooji only really really really nice. The craftsmanship and the millwork was unbelievable.

We left the temple and went back to Mirabai‘s to have a dinner with Mirabai, Gungudas, Mike, James, Jenny, Roy Mirabai‘s brother and friends Sean and Tonya.

I left with Sean and Tonya and they had a spare guest wing on their home where they usually have a ping pong table or meditation area and I stayed up till about midnight talking to my daughter Lyndsey and then went to bed about midnight.

Waking up this morning they left all kinds of food and coffee ready and a note on the counter for me for when I wake up so they’ll be up at eight 🙂

James and Mirabai pick me up at 9:20. We drive straight to Unity Taos. Set the book table up in the back, opening songs. I love loved the prayer circle experience. James gave me 1 minute to introduce him, I took 4:) because I was being led to make a connection with the community. James did an abreviated musical, sold a bunch of books and dolls. Met the 7 yr old August Moon. Gave him a St. Francis doll. He wanted to buy it. He had $10. He was so beautiful with his mom standing to my side and walked up to give me a big hug. I kissed him on the head

The Church gave us $30 for food for the road.

We stopped at a great! coffee place in Taos World Coffee Cup, James have some $ to a homeless guy.

We stopped at a famous church on the way out of town called St. Francis of Assisi. I took some drone footage but didn’t feel there was time to go inside.

Now we’re driving to another event in Santa Fe at the Spiritual living Center. Same day.

This was another great! Event Hosted by Robyn Benson. About 40 people. Robyn introduced me and I opened. I videoed a couple songs then Mike, Jazz and Mikes mom invited us to dinner and our host Dr. Robyn left with to take care of client and met us at this vegetarian restaurant Apothecary, many of us ate Pad Thai. It was great.

Left there with Robyn to sleep. James bed, Bill couch. We talked with Robyn and then her friend Scott from Newport Ca. for many hours about Mooji, because I lived with the Mooji community in 2011 for 3 mos. and several times since and they are very interested. James suggested they look at Richard Rohr and I suggested they look at Rupert Spira.

Robyn gave us a real education on female sexuality and anatomy and her experiences at burning man. OMG Robyn and James had many stories to tell and Robyn had done some similar things as me with Tony Robbins.

We could have stayed up talking for many hours but made ourselves go to bed, but 1st., set the coffee situation up. Yay! good coffee in the mornin

I woke up thinking about a title of my book about being with Mooji and the interviews I had with beings from Sahaja and wrote down the title.

Today we will take a train from here (Santa Fe)to Kansas City. 18 hours. This is the one the Franciscans in Santa Barbara paid for. Robyn will have us picked up to go to her Center 1st.

Robin had an Uber pick us up this morning and drop us at her at her Center where she did an IV vitamin C and other things holistic type things and did some acupuncture on both of us and then put James in some kind of a I don’t know space Age looking device right before we left.

Tim picked us up from the center and took us by Starbucks where we stocked up on water and a few things for the train and he dropped us at the train station in Santa Fe where we were transferred my van to a train station in Lamy New Mexico.

Lamy was so many Miracles. I felt like we were in a movie set.

When we got to Lamy there was a guy with a guitar named Jack at the station who had some interaction with James and they played and then another guy Chris came up and played the harmonica a little bit and then played guitar with for James and everyone was standing around and then we met Cindy Lou.

We had about 20 minutes waiting for the train and Cindy Lou walked up and asked me without asking or mentioning a word if she could make  us sandwiches and give us snacks for the trip to Kansas City.

She made amazing avocado tomato and hummus sandwiches for us and then walked over to the snack bar and said take whatever you want and when I just grabbed a couple things please take more. Amazing!

I shot some drone video of the station and recorded some reflections from James Francis.

On the train now. James was talking to our host in Kansas City by text who was asking if we could go a little further on the train and go to Independence MO. We needed $18 to do that and then remembered I found two cookies and a $20 stuff in my jacket pocket, I had no idea how it got there so we accepted it as Divine money and we’ll use it for that little leg to Independence.

Coming into Kansaa City Train Staion The KC Cheifs are the Main attraction.


We will be in Chicago for The Super Bowl.

More to follow

Love Bill Free