Yay! Super Bowl Champs Kansas City Chiefs

We missed the game but the Highlights were awesome!


Above : Top Unity Village, Lower Left – Peace Chapel, Lower Right St. Francis Musical Unity Village

Kansas City to Chicago

Great story, On the train. James was talking to our host in Kansas City by text who was asking if we could go a little further on the train and go to Independence MO. We needed $18 to do that and then remembered I found two cookies and a $20 stuff in my jacket pocket, I had no idea how it got there so we accepted it as Divine money and we’ll use it for that little leg to Independence.

Jan 28 

Picked up in Independence by Jan Marie and she took us to her house where she made breakfast and James Took a nap for a few hours I worked on the computer and sent an email out from Sedona in Albuquerque and I took a nap for a while before a shower and then left for unity Village.

At unity Village I flew the drone over the village and prepared with James for the musical. We shot a few videos and audios and the musical started at 6:30 PM 40 people showed it was a great experience great energy and appreciation. Met someone Rosie in LiP and Annika from Unity Amesbury.

Someone from Kansas City is paying for our train ticket to Columbia.

Jan 29th

Breakfast at Jan Marie, train to Jefferson MM. 3-hrs.Julie, James cousin picked us up. We’ll be overnight here and someone from St. Louis will pick us up and take us to St. Louis for the next event.

Spend the day with Aunt Fern in Columbia Missouri. Aunt Fern 88 made spaghetti dinner and then we went home with Julie stopped by cousin Fred and Sarah‘s house first and then home to spend the night at Julie‘s.

Jan 30th

Waking up Julie left for work early and we both worked on email blogs to go out this morning before Carole and Barbara from St. Louis picked us up about 1:00 PM.Carole drove about three hours back to St. Louis from Columbia droppoed Barbara off at her house and we spent the afternoon at Carole’s.

Went out to eat for Mexican food tonight. James early to bed. I stayed up a little bit later talking to Carole. Take a bath and then watch Vikings on Prime:) I love this show. haha

Jan 31st

James has interview with a well known radio station today for the St. Francis Musical tonight at 7:00.

Radio Station below – 35 minute interview, go Fly the drone and video the SL Arch. @ 400’ below. Carole dropped me at My brother Freddie’s job site in St. Louis. His company is working on 150 million dollar underground sanitation project by drilling tunnels 200’ below ground level.


This is me above with my younger brother Freddie. We are 200′ below ground standing in front of a drill bit, 25′ in Diameter that drills huge holes underground for tunnels and Sanitary systems. After putting on special gear, boots, safety glasses, safety vest and hard hat He had us craned down into the tunnel and we went on an underground train 4 miles long to the end of the tunnel that was just completed this week. This was a great experience. Wow!

Coming out, went to lunch, flew the drone and he dropped me at Carole’s.

Musical-tonight at The Center for Spiritual Living was attended by 110 people. Great performance. I interviewed a few people on video before and after for take aways. Kevin Miles volunteered to take us to Peoria tomorrow. Thank You Kevin. Went out after with a small group to TGI Friday. Back to Carol’s and bed.

We’ll be up early to drive 3 hrs to Peoria in the morning.

Feb 1st 

Leaving Carole’s this morning she made us a quick breakfast and we said goodbye.

Kevin picked us up and drove to Peoria where we are greeted by Father Paul who said they don’t have enough rooms at the Holy family facility but they are putting us up in a hotel rooms will be ready at 3 o’clock.

Father Paul Who is the pastor of this parish where James had his first Francis experience as a young boy and he began to have his interest in Saint Francis and also he went to grade school here.

We walked down memory lane with James recording some of the events of his remembering and then Father Paul took us for a drive around the neighborhood we looked at his old family house and remembering a few stories before going to lunch at this great barbecue place. They basically talked about the Catholic Franciscan thing for several hours –  LOL. Interesting and boring.

Rooms are ready at 1:30 PM so we went to the hotel. We each have private rooms at this Marriott Hotel. Pretty nice I FaceTime to Lisa in the middle of her Facebook live that was fun and then took a shower and get ready for tonight‘s event. Then Face-time Lisa again for an extended conversation it was great.

Father Paul picks me up at 6 o’clock for a quick dinner before the event at seven and it’s a great turn out 150 people and another musical. James was able to talk to several people who had children in the school that he went to and a ride, Gary that’s going to take us from Chicago to New York showed up. Gary and will meet him in a few days in Chicago.

We had a little post event conversation with Father Paul and Giles and then went back to the hotel for a quiet evening.

Feb 2nd

Driving to Chicago from Peoria this morning Father Giles will pick us up and take us for the 3 Hour drive. James will play a song for a Church service where his afternoon event is in Chicago and then they’ll be another one tonight in Chicago.

Afternoon event at Cityside Spiritual Center in Chicago.

This was a great Gathering in an old loft building many different businesses and then the church took place on the third floor. It’s really not a Church but more of a spiritual center. I felt like I was in a Unity Church service however this is an evolved science of mind tradition that seemed more like Unity. About 40 people in the service, Great music and a rather progressive path teaching using a Course in Miracles and ideas from Jerry Jampolski’s book, love is letting go of fear. Maureen Muldoon was there and we got to say Hi:)

The St. Francis Musical had about 22 people present. Rev Amy brought us lunch and a couple members of the Community gave us a ride to The House of Studies. We were greeted here by Father Michael and he showed us to our rooms and said the guys were making snacks for the Super Bowl that starts in a few hours.

We watched the first quarter of the Super Bowl before going over to the Saint ita Catholic Church for the second performance today right around the corner.

This performance was a bit more formal than most of the shows so far. It’s a pretty fancy Catholic Church. About 60 people came to this, many were Nuns and Fryors. The Pastor father Paul was kind of funny he had weird energy about hugging He didn’t wanna hug he just wanted to handshake. It was weird at first then after he saw the show he was completely different, warmed right up.

I was watching the score periodically during the musical and halftime it was 10 to 10. Then the third quarter San Francisco was winning and in the fourth quarter Kansas City totally changed the game to end at 31 to 20 Kansas City, went back to the house of studies and watched the highlights to the Super Bowl and then watched a Netflix episode before going to bed.
Feb. 3rd

Slept late today, getting up at 8:15:) Surprise. I had a Facebook live on Evolve with Susan Telford, with TGF

Went to Mass at 12 o’clock with James and then lunch, before going out to the neighborhood down the street was Loyola university where James went to a four year College. We recorded some videos and flew the drone at Loyola walked around a little bit James had another walk down memory lane.

I thought I was going to get in trouble for flying my drone at the University but nothing happened:) . Yay!

Back to the house of studies, dinner at six then back to my room and watched a couple more Netflix episodes before going to bed. The End

Tomorrow were going to Ann Arbor Michigan. I think Gary will pick us up.

Next, Ann Arbor, Cleveland and Philadelphia. It’s staying pretty cold now:-) We’re not in Kansas anymore but we have a ride (Gary) all the way to NY. I can’t wait to see my Honey next week.