The light of Sedona and Albuquerque

We are in Sedona at James’ aunts house. Terri Frankel lives in what most people here think is Lucille Ball’s old house. It’s kinda like a Lucille Ball Museum. Terri and her sister Jenny were The Doublement Twins and very much in Hollywood in the day of all the great stars, an era gone by.

Jenny has passed and Terri lives for the both of them.

Since Terri is a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures she gets to view films that are up for the Academy Awards. The movie tonight was great! It was 1917 it was a screener.

A screener movie goes out to people who are members of the Academy to vote on the film.

We will be on the move quite a bit from here on. We went to a party in Sedona when we first got here and met the Mayor Sandy Moriarty she was really cool. She has lived in Sedona 48 years, we talked about spiritual people and their disinterest in politics and she was interested in my opinion or my take on this.

The girl who drove us here Molly is just like Uma from Santa Barbara, only more of a Godess working with dimensional realities – interesting and sounds true.

We’re gonna meet some Endeavor Academy friends today in Sedona. James said they were known as bright ones. Theo and Leda.

The Musical is Tuesday and a guy we met in Phoenix and his wife will take us to Albuquerque Wednesday. Ed Carney and Elaine.They were two people who offered to drive us 6 hours to Albuquerque. Thank You.

Richard Rohr lives in Albuquerque and we’re hoping we meet him. I watched his interview with Oprah, started reading his book The Universal Christ and watching his Youtube video, Being The Stillness. He’s really great! I think he will be responsible for the Awakening of millions in the Catholic and Protestant church because of his clear understanding and redefining of the scriptures.

Sending my love in quiet presence and holiness.

Jan 20th – Monday:

 Woke up and flew my drone right away outside the Lucille Ball residence amazing views and just the magnificence of all of Sedona on view lane. What a house.

James went to breakfast with someone and I made my breakfast and then we met with Theo and Leda old friends of Lisa, James, and Vicki from endeavor academy. Ate an early lunch with them it was great and I’m eating too much I feel like I’ve gained 5 pounds.

Next, we went and met friends of Terri, the owner of Lucille Ball‘s old house. Paul and Paul’s wife and Fred, Terri’s boyfriend were there and we sat around their dome compound and talked for a couple of hours before James and I left and went to a viewing area of the red rock mountains.

We flew the drone here almost to the top of a huge Mountain I was pretty scared to be that high because of the 400 foot limit that the FAA gives you for flying. I was kind of in a hurry to bring it back down LOL.

We did some video work and drone video of James for the documentary and left.

Next we went back home to Terri‘s house did a load of laundry before going out to dinner with Glen and Jerry, James’ gay friends in Sedona.

These guys are very cool. I really enjoyed having dinner with them and Jerry has some physical healing from spinal work he recently had. He has some situation with a friend/family member that he was asking for advice on how to deal with it. We both offered him some ideas on how to look at it differently.

Glen will introduce the show tonight here in Sedona and then introduce me so I can talk a little about my own experience of the tour and then introduce James and Brother Sun Sister Moon.

We got home and decided to watch a movie in the media room and I fell asleep, I went to bed early.

Jan 21st. 

This morning I woke up 5:00 a.m. with several thoughts and ideas. Contemplations about the musical and really the essence of the message of the musical that would be a take away for people. The purpose may be the message for the beings that we would meet.

I had some great interaction texting with Lisa this morning. it was fun!

We ate oatmeal from our initial provisions packed when we first started, which works for the early part of the tour but what would it be like if we continued the tour for say three months when our initial provisions run out what will we do then?

I don’t know, I think it will be more challenging than having supplies because we would also have no money. So I don’t think this is a true demonstration of nor could it be of living without money. This is scary but it’s just partially living without money.

Terri and Fred took us to lunch today at this local hamburger and hotdog place that they are financially involved in and they have a sauce with their name on it the Fred and Frankel sauce which is delicious on hotdogs or hamburgers or the french fries even.

Everyone knows Fred and Terri and the owners came out to greet them and wouldn’t take their money when they tried to pay for our lunch and there’s. Just another demonstration of how this tour is really so taken care of by everyone that we meet involved in anyway. The food is really good!

We finished up here went back to Terri‘s house and repaired a few things for a sound check at 2 o’clock at the Mary Fisher theater.

We had the sound check. The new wireless mic device didn’t seem to work right so I needed to go back and figure out what was wrong.Heading back to Terri‘s house we were looking for mountain man the homeless guy that we met couple days ago we didn’t find him and then James went and deposited the money from Phoenix books and dolls into the Bank account because we can’t touch the money.

Preparing for the show tonight at 7:00 James found a quiet contemplation in his bedroom while I found what was wrong with the wireless mic very excited about how it worked and tested properly yay! I organized the video footage in my hard drive and finished  writing my third email of the tour to go out to my mailing list and for Erin to put on my website.

Took a shower before leaving Sedona and getting ready for the fourth show tonight at the Mary Fisher theater. It’s raining so I won’t be able to get a drone shot of the theaters, maybe tomorrow morning I could go over at first light and shoot a flyover with the drone.

The show was a full house sold out many people were waiting around to see if they were empty seats for no-shows and a few people could get in otherwise it was packed a beautiful theater and Maier was there Sandy and Terri and Fred in the front row several friends of James from Endeavor Academy were here and I was doing video footage of people coming in and sitting down. The wireless mic was working perfectly and James wanted the third song to be videoed me on one side and big John from endeavor on the other side shooting the camera sharing the audio.

There was no place for me to sit in the audience so I sat in the green room listening to the show on the wireless mic until it was about 15 minutes over and then I went out to the front lobby where the book table was and waited for the end of the show to sell books, dolls and CDs.

We were invited over to Christie’s house Christian Mark with endeavor friends and some locals for a post show gathering and James was a little bit hungry wanted to go to a restaurant we went to the first restaurant it was too noisy, the second restaurant closed as we were walking in so we went to Christian Marks’s house and stayed for about an hour and then going home maybe 11 o’clock at night.

James asked me if I could change the appointment for the person for picking us up (Ed and Elaine) to take us to Albuquerque in the morning. it was kind of late when he asked (1030 at night) I didn’t like doing it because it was after 10 o’clock and I had it all set up but I texted Ed  and about 11:15 he texted me back and said no problem.There was a woman that kept making herself a part of the post musical gathering, she kept showing up at each of the restaurants we went to and then finally at Christi and Mark’s house.

She looked like she was homeless, her car was filled with stuff like when you live out of it, and when she came to the party she looked like she didn’t belong. I noticed a lot of judgment around her doing that and when I got close to her she smelled terrible. Like she hadn’t  bathed in many weeks. Her hair was kind of stuck to her head and I didn’t wanna hug her because she was a little bit  disgusting. A lot of judgement around that. How is she different than a leper or a homeless person? Noticing my own judgment around that.

I mean really if I am an instrument of peace and this is the Christ it doesn’t fit to have judgment about her or anyone or anything really.

Leaving the party we got home about 11:30 tonight went to bed.

Jan 22nd – Wednesday:

 I see the stars out This morning so I’ll drive over to the Mary Fisher theater and fly over for drone video before we leave.

Will have breakfast with Terri and Fred this morning and then Ed and Elaine will pick us up at 11:30 and we’ll head to Albuquerque.

I flew the drone this morning over at the Mary Fisher theater and James called to make sure I’ll be back in time for his 9 o’clock appointment with Kelly. We met Kelly the show last night and they had a morning connection.

This morning was was a great time after I flew the drone at Mary Fisher we had breakfast with James and Terri, Kelli, Mimi and Fred at this really great restaurant at the bottom of the hill. We left there by 11:15 to meet and Carney and his wife Elaine who is driving us from Sedona to Albuquerque and they were there right at 11:30 did a quick tour of Terry’s house I showed her how to operate a couple of microphones for her iPhone and then we left without you and Elaine.

On the way from Sedona to Albuquerque we stopped at some beautiful red Mountain look out and flew the drone a couple of times until it ran out of battery. We had a very nice ride through the desert with Ed and Elaine about five hours until we reached Albuquerque they took us to dinner in Italian didn’t dinner and it was awesome and they dropped us off at Dave’s house which is the venue for the Albuquerque event in a private home.

Jan 23rd:

We woke up at Dave’s house.  I slept on the fold out couch and James stayed in a bedroom upstairs. We have a quiet restful day planned, Dave invited us to drive out to the mountains about 25 miles and fly the drone so we thought we would do that and we did this after finding some homeless people and passing out some cash that was really fun and then we headed up to the mountains.

We flew the drone and some amazing scenery up at the top of the mountains then headed back to Albuquerque where Dave treated us to lunch at a Thai restaurant it was great.

We are now coming to a less available food less structure and the places that were staying so it’s not like we have a kitchen with us like we did in the other places, Portland,  Santa Barbara and Phoenix. Our provisions that I bought before leaving in December protein bars and nuts and stuff are dwindling so the food resources are becoming less and this is noticeable haha in a good way. More relying on what happens in the generosity of others.

I was getting ready for the TGF TV call for tomorrow and James mentioned that Richard Rohr invited us to a meeting for tomorrow morning which was at the same time as TGF TV call.  I was trying to get someone to take the call for me so I could meet Richard Rohr and as I was listening to and watching the video of the replay it just didn’t feel right to not be live with TGF TV when I could be so I canceled being part of the Richard Rohr meeting and decided to be live for TGF TV. Cohost Jenny Beal said she could be there so that’s what we decided to do.

I stayed up late tonight just sort of getting ready for tomorrow’s call, reflecting on the call I had with Jenny in December that was going to be the replay I just wanted to make sure the introduction was correct and that I had the talking points that we agreed on.

Jan 24th

Woke up  about 6 o’clock and I knew our live call with TGF TV was 830 so I started checking things on zoom in making sure the meeting was set up that Jenny will be live etc. James and Dave we’re heading out to meet with Richard Rohr  and Dave’s roommate Rob was getting ready to go to work and I was getting ready to make sure that everything was good for TGF TV.

TGF TV was great it started at 10:30 AM went till 1145 and Jenny was there 85 people were with us live and we had some great dialogue with the people in the room Jenny and I Lisa Natoli came on live and Dominic came on live on his phone ask really great question there’s a good questions in the chat and I’m very happy that our premier TGF TV on a course in miracles and non duality was live.

Getting ready to go to lunch with James and Dave’s are going to pick me up and I’ll continue with this diary when I get back.

Went to lunch. falafel and humus. Change at the bank. James and Dave said the meeting with Rohr was great. He showed a little video from it. We’ll go back to the center tomorrow and I’ll get a drone video.

Dave and I set his house up for the event. At 7:15 people started coming. House filled up with about 30 people. Nice intimate performance. I didn’t take any video for this one. A little to residential maybe. Great little spiritual community in Albuquerque. I met someone Rosie who watches Lisa and I on YouTube Friday livestream and wants to stay connected on TGF. Send her email to connect on Evolve. Daughter, Autumn called at 10:30 and needed some love. We were on the call till 12:00 and then I went to bed.

Next stops Albuquerque, Taos and  Santa Fe New Mexico – Stay tuned 🙂 .