The Intimacy of All Experience Vol II

Bill Free’s Pure Presence
Book Club: Rupert Spira 


Starting October 3rd 2018 (Wednesdays at 12 P.M.  Eastern) until December 5th – 10 weeks of Investigating Pure Awareness

BEYOND a Mere Book Club

An EXPERIENTIAL Book Club with 10 classes over 10 weeks delving into our favorite essays ( in groups of 5 each week from The Intimacy of All Experience Presence Volume II by our dear Friend, renowned Teacher, Rupert Spira.

Bill Free’s Pure Presence Book Club is a free invitation to experience your own Inner Knowing, your deepest love and understanding, your essential Self. We join in reading another of Rupert Spira’s masterpiece’s, and following his pointings until you discover or enhance the direct experience of your true, essential Self for yourself.

This is our third book by Rupert Spira and we are delighted to share it with you.

Make sure to buy a copy and read the Introduction: The seemless Intimacy of Experience.

You must own the book or have it on Kindle in order participate. 

Try to stay  ahead  by one week so when you attend, you know what we’re talking’ about. AND you can connect your experience with the group.


  • Ask the questions you can’t ask anywhere else. Your questions will be treated with love, respect and genuine curiosity.
  • Bring your friends. Bring a cuppa whatever you love to drink.
  • This is a relaxed, casual environment that facilitates an encounter with your deepest Inner Self, Love and Understanding.
  • Profound insights. Hilarious laughter. Juicy explorations. Divine experiences. The keys to understanding awakening.


Free for those seeking to experience Divine Truth. If that’s you, here’s what you’re gonna get:

  • A global online community
  • We will have several guests from previous book club meetings and other surprise guests as we go along.
  • live Q&A and discussion
  • chat board, but of course!
  • A facebook group specifically for the group to share in
  • Spontaneous closing guided meditations



Bill Free’s Pure Presence Book Club Community

This is more than a mere book club. This is a community for people yearning to have more than just a conversation about a spirituality. This book club takes you from being a reader to actually engaging in self-inquiry and spiritual investigation. You are here to allow the essential nature of consciousness to be revealed to you.

Knowing the Self as God created you. Experientially. Not just intellectually.


Your registration includes:

  • Ten Live 1-Hour recorded Video Broadcasts with your host Bill Free and his invited guests who will share highlights from each group of essays — each session includes a talk about the essays followed by the opportunity for you to join by live video and chat with Bill Free and his weekly guest host.
  • Video Replays to watch at your convenience anytime during the featured book and available on YouTube — no need to worry if you miss a broadcast.
  • A gentle guided meditation sometime during the gathering to powerfully integrate our practice in awareness each time we meet and reflect on the fragrance of the Truth as a direct experience of knowing.

Book Club Calendar

October 2018

Wed, Oct  3rd, 12 noon  Eastern    

3rd October – Arthur

  1. Introduction: The Seamless Intimacy of Experience
  2. The Primacy of Presence
  3. Knowledge and Love Are One
  4. The Innocence of Experience
  5. The Pure ‘I’ of Awareness

Wed, Oct 10th, 12 noon  Eastern

10th October – Jenny

  1. Awareness and Its Apparent Objects
  2. The Imaginary Centre of Perception
  3. The Imaginary Birth of the Self and the World
  4. We Were Not Born
  5. Love Is the Fabric of Experience

Wed, Oct 17th, 12 noon  Eastern

17th October – Anneke

  1. Everything Is Folded Back into Presence
  2. All We Ever Long For
  3. The Many Names of God
  4. Is the World Within?
  5. The Shadow of the Separate Self

Wed, Oct 24th, 12 noon  Eastern

24th October – Andrea

  1. The Amness of Self Is the Isness of Things
  2. Reality Is Not Mysterious
  3. Awareness Always Knows Itself
  4. There Is No Real Ignorance
  5. Nothing Ever Disappears

Wed, Oct 31st, 12 noon  Eastern

31st October – Kimberly

  1. Pure, Unclouded Awareness
  2. The Burnt Rope
  3. The True Revolution
  4. Conceptualising Consciousness
  5. Presence Finds Only Itself

November 2018

Wed, Nov 7th, 12 noon   Eastern

7th November – Arthur

  1. The Fabric of Identity
  2. Utterly, Intimately One
  3. We Never Lose a Friend
  4. Abiding Knowingly As Presence
  5. Presence Breathes Out the World

Wed, Nov 14th,12 noon  Eastern

14th November – Jenny

  1. Devotion
  2. The Arch Impersonator
  3. The Apparent Forgetting of Our Own Being
  4. The Natural State of Openness and Transparency
  5. Our True Security

Wed, Nov 21st, 12 noon Eastern

21st November – Anneke

  1. The Recognition of Being
  2. Who Is
  3. Is This the Final Understanding?
  4. The Dissolution of Thought in Its Own Substance
  5. Does Life Have a Purpose?

Wed, Nov 28st, 12 noon Eastern 

28th November – Andrea

  1. The Seed of Separation
  2. Offering Everything to Presence
  3. Love Only Knows Itself
  4. Person, Witness, Substance, Presence
  5. We Do Not Know What Anything Is

Wed, Dec 5th,    12 noon Eastern

5th December – Kimberly

  1. There Is Only Pure Intimacy
  2. The Ever-Present Reality of Existence
  3. Addiction and Non-Duality
  4. Nobody Has, Owns or Chooses Anything
  5. Experience’s Experience of Itself