Hi I’m Bill Free

The purpose of this site is for you to see a snap shot of what I’m all about and if you’re more interested in the things I do and point to how you can find out more.

For me, this life is to know the Self as God created and help others recognize and know this same Awareness for themselves.

In a practical and simple way, based on the Non-dual teaching I have found from A Course in Miracles, The Non Dual Direrct Path, Advaita, Buddhism, Sufism, Great Freedom, Hinduism, and other traditions of and some references in the Bible, Torah, Kabala Tao and Mystical Teachings in alignment with Oneness and The Supreme Self.

These teachings and pointings are simple – forgiveness in the Course which is the same as Awareness, prayer which can be considered as quiet awareness, listening to Inner Guidance with our deepest love and understanding, AKA the holy spirit. Spending time each day with the God of your own understanding – Self inquiry, contemplation and raising every question to doubt without desiring that it be different will attain Self Realization and does lead to a direct experience of miracles, purification and Enlightenment in this lifetime.

Bill Free

“ loves and shares the teachings of A Course in Miracles, He teaches Non-Duality and the Direct Path, through lectures and guided meditations.

Bill enjoys many of the Great Masters teachings of The Self I Am in the investigation that reveals and embodies Pure Presence.

The Embodiment of Christ Conciousness is present in every moment.

Bill presents at  A Course in Miracles Conferences in the USA and You can visit his website to be included on His mailing list, join His book club and discover more insights from Bill’s teachings and His own personal way of Being at www.billfree.com Email billfreeonline@gmail.com Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AcimBillFree

Thank You for joining us on this Journey, I Am as God Created me